What sets us from the rest

We Are Safari Experts.

Graduates in Travel & Tourism Management from East Africa’s distinguished college of travel and hospitality – ‘Kenya Utalii College’ and with experience of more than 20 years planning and managing safaris for many discerning clients across East Africa. All accurate travel related information is at our fingertips. Whether you are planning a family vacation, honeymoon, beach stay, guided walking safaris, birding safari, business meeting, conference, gorilla trekking, photography, hiking adventure, luxury camping, cultural tours or a private safari with friends – you can trust us to deliver your dream holiday in these carefully selected magical destinations.

Your Budget, is Our Concern

Any form of travel, involves spending your hard-earned income. Settling on your dream African safari can sometimes be a daunting task. We are here to fill that gap on your behalf and save you time and a few dollars. Our long-term relationship with our select partners allows us to negotiate for better, competitive rates without compromising on quality. We are actively in the market looking for the ‘deal of the season’ or any special offer that we can take advantage of. Occasionally we are able to secure and extend seasonal discounts. Our safari rates do not have any hidden charges meaning you get exactly what you have booked and at good value for your money.

Free Personal & Professional Consultancy Services.

We understand the intrigues of planning a safari, especially to Africa as there is very little or conflicting information online. Most information in books on Africa are either outdated or simply do not portray the current state of affairs. We at Perspective Africa Safaris’ offer you free professional and credible advice pre-safari, during safari and post safari. There are usually many concerns more so, for first time travelers to Africa – e.g., what flights to book, what to park, what kind of weather to expect, what vaccines to take, how to go about Visa processing and many more.  These little and sometimes intricate details matter a lot to us, and our customer service representatives, with many years of expertise, are always at your service to ensure a seamless booking process. We respond timely to emails and have a dedicated 24-hour mobile support.

We value and Conserve Our African Heritage & the Fragile ecosystem.

Africa is regarded as the cradle of mankind, and probably the only continent with wild animals still roaming though the vast savannah. There is however a growing significant threat to the environment from the growing human population, industrialization, commercial farming, land fragmentation and many more. If all this is left unchecked, we face the risk of losing our wildlife, forests cover, our heritage – and nothing will be left for our future generations.

Our main focus at Perspective Africa Safaris’ together with our partners is promoting sustainable authentic travel through partnership with lodges and camps that practise responsible environmental values of reduce, re-use and recycle. We highly recommend stays at eco-lodges that operate in community-run wildlife conservancies, resorts that primarily depend on renewable solar energy and ones with a proper waste disposal. Resorts that positively impact peoples’ livelihoods either directly through employment or indirectly through community sensitization programmes and education. We encourage our guests to make a positive difference by planting at least a tree seedling during their safari with us.

Flexible Payment Terms.

With the current global socio-economic challenges, many people are affected by the rising prices of basic commodities and the ever-shrinking income base. We do understand well how to assist you plan and actualize that family vacation, the dream honeymoon etc. without straining your pocket. At Perspective Africa Safaris, once you identify that safari package that suits you, the next step is for us to agree to a very flexible and convenient payment terms.