Road transport:

The most popular means of transport while on safari – especially convenient when travelling as a family or on a group tour. The safari vehicles are customised to match the sometimes-tough terrain in the parks. Road transport ensures you have fantastic experience while travelling through the scenic countryside, villages and markets with local people going about their daily lives. The vehicles are fitted with comfortable seats, seat belts, a pop-up roof doe excellent game viewing, cooler box to keep your drinking water at an acceptable temperature, long range communication radio and MiFi router – so as you keep connected to your loved ones’ back home while on safari or answer a business email.

You will drive on good tarmac roads in between towns and on a slightly rough but passable terrain especially in the national parks and gazetted conservation areas.

Scheduled Flights:

There are several daily scheduled flights operating between Nairobi and the many tourist destinations in Kenya and the neighbouring countries of Tanzania and Kenya. All the local low-cost flights to tourists’ destination operate from Nairobi’s Wilson airport. The advantage of flying over road transport is the time you save in between your destinations allowing you to maximise your experience. Scheduled flights operate on a strict timetable, even though landing time may vary as the aircraft can operate into several airstrips. Luggage on scheduled flights is restricted to 15 kilogrammes per person inclusive of hand-luggage and in soft bags. Separate arrangement can be made based on individual needs. Most popular bush aircraft are the Cessna Grand caravan which are suitable for landing and take-off on the short runways.

Charter Flights:

Another option is the use of charter flights in between the destinations. Very convenient for groups travelling together. The advantage of charter flights is the flexibility to operate out of the scheduled times and sometimes operating into airstrips where the normal scheduled flights do not operate into.

Helicopter Safaris.

Helicopter safaris offers a different dimension on safari. they operate at any time of the day between 06.00hrs and 18.00hrs. Whether you are travelling as friends or family, a safari on helicopter ensures you get closer to the scenic and most remote destinations that are otherwise inaccessible by road or other forms of flight.

Railway Transport.

Until recently, the Kenyan railway system was disorganised and dysfunctional. The construction of the Nairobi – Mombasa standard gauge railway has opened up accessibility to several tourist destinations in Kenya like, Tsavo East, Tsavo west, Chyulu Hills, Lumo conservancy and the Kenyan coast. With comfortable first-class seats, flexible schedules and excellent customer service, this is an option worth trying out.

The ‘Madaraka Express’ train operates three times’ daily between Nairobi and Mombasa and passes through the scenic Kenyan countryside with excellent views. If lucky, you may see large elephant herds while passing through the Tsavo ecosystem.

The intercounty train departs Nairobi at 08.00hrs and makes several stops along the way before arriving Mombasa at approximately 14.00hrs. The express train departs Nairobi at 15.00hrs and 22.00hrs and arrives Mombasa at 22.00hrs, & 03.35hrs respectively.

From Mombasa, the intercountry train departs at 08.00hrs and arrives Nairobi at approximately 14.10hrs. The express train departs Mombasa at 15.00hrs and 22.00hrs to arrive Nairobi at approximately 20.18hrs and 03.35hrs respectively.

The Nairobi railway terminus is located close to the Jomo Kenyatta International airport, Wilson airport and the central business district – making it easy and convenient to connection to other destinations.

Bicycle Rides, Horse riding

Some select camps and lodges offer mountain biking and horse riding and camel rides as an extra option and in designated areas only. There are restrictions however to whom is allowed on such activities due to the danger from wildlife. Each lodge/camp will make their own assessment before giving a go-ahead.