Located just 280 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, Masai Mara national reserve is the ultimate safari destination for any traveler to Kenya. This endless savanna is home to large herds of elephant and buffalo, several lion prides and other big cats, plenty of birdlife. During the months of June to October, close to two million wildebeest and zebras move from Serengeti to Masai Mara in what is arguably ‘the world’s greatest migration’ and the 7th wonder of the word. The magnificent African sunrises and dramatic sundowners combined with the meandering Mara and Talek rivers makes Masai Mara a photographers’ haven. 470 bird species have been recorded here with 47 of them being birds of prey. It is highly recommended to visit a Masai cultural village to learn and understand the way of living of the local people and how they have managed to co-exist with wildlife for many years. An early morning hot air balloon over the rolling plains of the reserve offers you a different perspective of this untamed wilderness. Accommodation ranges from basic camping, traditional lodges and luxury camps all in exceptional locations within the Masai Mara reserve. The reserve is only 5 hours when driving on extremely good roads and approximately 45minutes using scheduled flights from Nairobi. Due to the many daily scheduled flights operating to/from Masai Mara from various destinations within Kenya, you can conveniently connect to the Kenyan coast, Tanzania & Uganda.