Lake Nakuru national park is approximately 170 kilometers north west of Nairobi, and lies at an altitude of 1754 meters above sea level. It takes approximately three hours driving, making it convenient for either a day trip or an overnight stay. A sanctuary for both black and white rhino as well as the endangered Rothschild giraffe, this park offers a spectacular addition to your safari. Lake Nakuru is a   declared Ramsar site, during certain seasons of the year, the lake is filled with millions of the lesser and greater flamingoes as well as other birds like pelicans, fish eagles, cormorants etc. More than 500 bird species has been recorded here. In the recent years, all the rift valley lakes, with Lake Nakuru not being an exception, have experienced a rising water levels. Other attractions within the park are Makalia Falls, the giant Europhobia forest which is a common site here and a visit to the baboon cliff & picnic site.

The park is open from 06.00hrs to 18.00hrs and is accessible by road throughout the year.