Ngorongoro Crater/ Caldera is the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera located in Tanzania and an exquisite location to see the Big five animals. The caldera measure 600 meters deep and 20 square kilometers wide formed as a result of volcanic activities. It is believed that it was once a volcanic mountain with an equal height as Mount Kilimanjaro which erupted forming the caldera, we now
call Ngorongoro crater.
The Ngorongoro Crater and its beautiful landscape, forms one of the World’s iconic tourist destinations in Tanzania. It is said to be one of seven natural wonders in the World filled with magnificent natural environment and diverse wildlife. All the big five animals; lions, elephant, lions, buffalo and leopard are found here. Only giraffes are not found within the crater.
Olduvai Gorge, where the remains of the earliest human beings were discovered by Dr. Leakey and his wife is found within the Ngorongoro conservation area. Best time to visit is the dry season between June and October. It takes approximately three and half hours to drive from Arusha to the Ngorongoro crater.