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Daily tours; 11.00hrs – 12.00 hrs

Located adjacent to Nairobi National park and only a 30 minutes’ drive from the city’s central business district, Daphne sheldrick elephant orphanage opens daily, from 11.00hrs to 12.00hrs (except 25th December), to visitors who are eager to learn and hear the history of each of the orphaned baby elephants in the nursery. Due to a future plan to re-integrate the baby elephants back to the wild, only a limited number of visitors are allowed each day. An advance booking is therefore necessary and recommended.

The trust rescues abandoned or sick/injured baby elephants, rehabilitates and carefully re-introduces them back to the wild. Here you get to learn, first-hand the risk of elephant poaching and its devastating effects to wildlife and the local communities’ whose livelihoods depend on tourism. The handlers give a lecture about the feeding programme and daily routine taking care of the orphans.

Visitors have a chance to adopt a baby elephant as part of the efforts to support conservation. Apart from the rescue, rehabilitation and re-integration, Daphne Sheldrick Trust is highly involved in animal conservation throughout Kenya and especially the vast Tsavo ecosystem with aerial surveys, training and funding anti-poaching teams, providing tracker/sniffer dogs and also training the local communities which live close to the conservation areas on the importance of protecting wildlife.

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Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.